Photo from: KINANIS LLC – 5th Photography Competition 2023 – Theme: “LIFE” – Photographer: Elida Nikolov – Photograph Title: ‘Shades of Brown

Kinanis LLC is pleased to announce its Summer Internship Program for 2024 over a two weeks period for law students.

The content of the program

During the program, the participants will be given the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the main departments of a law firm and how they work;
  • Learn about the basic way the courts work and pay a visit to Nicosia courts;
  • Learn about the basic principles and concepts of particular areas of the law, indicatively, Company Law, Dispute Resolution, VAT, Taxation, Liquidation, Immigration, Contract, Financial Services, Funds, Technology (Blockchain / Smart Contracts) and AML Laws and related procedures;
  • Be involved in the day-to-day work of the various departments and accomplish tasks given;
  • Network and socialise with our current employees, trainees, advocates and other colleagues;

The details of the program will be given to elected participants before the program starts. 

Time table

The program will take place from 01/07/2024 until 12/07/2024 and will not be subject to any remuneration.


Eligible to apply and participate are law students who have finished their 1st, or 2nd years of undergraduate studies in law. Students who have finished their 3rd year of studies, but will continue for a postgraduate degree are also eligible to apply.


Applications should be submitted by email to KinanisLLC@kinanis.com, to the attention of Ms. Andri Michael, Lawyer / Partner, the latest by 31/05/2024.
By the 10th of June 2024 the final selection of the participants will take place and all applicants will be informed accordingly whether they will participate or not.

In order to apply for the program, interested law students should send to the above person / email address, their CVs, mentioning among others, their current status, the university they attend, along with their contact details indicating their wish to participate in the summer internship program for the year 2024.

The program will accommodate a limited number of students and these will be selected among those they will apply on time.

There is no obligation on Kinanis LLC to accept any submitted application and Kinanis LLC reserves the right to accept or reject any one applied.