our firm
Kinanis LLC is committed to providing top quality legal, tax planning and accounting services tailored according to each client’s particular needs, based on experience and expertise.
We have been offering legal and consulting services in Cyprus since 1983, evolving from a traditional law firm to an innovative cutting-edge multidisciplinary law firm that combines exceptional expertise in law, tax and accounting expanding to other jurisdictions with an office in Malta since 2012 and a representative office in China since 2016. From its establishment the Firm’s focus has been heavily business oriented and always abreast with the latest global developments and innovations.
We consider ourselves to be “traditional pioneers”. Our motto is to foresee and anticipate any issues that may potentially impact our clients’ business and to offer effective advice and solutions proactively. Each client is looked after by a diverse group of professionals who all collaborate and act as one, with the common aim to provide an excellent service. We take pride in the fact that to this day we continue to serve our very first client.