Kinanis LLC, provides innovative consulting services on Blockchain
Initial Coin Offering (ICO) project of ZCN Zoid Ltd


Kinanis LLC, has advised the Cyprus based company, ZCN Zoid Ltd, https://zoidcoin.network/, on its innovative project whereby, it aims to introduce a new era in Digital Marketing by using blockchain technology.

In a rapidly changing environment, Kinanis LLC is constantly adapting to new developments in order to meet clients’ needs and cope with the new era of blockchain revolution.

Kinanis LLC, through the efforts of its dedicated Blockchain / ICO teams has carefully examined all the legal parameters of public / private offering of intangible assets (Tokens - Cryptocurrencies) in the sphere of blockchain technology.

In this context, Kinanis LLC, has advised ZCN Zoid Ltd to carefully structure a legally compliant project, considering, Tax, Vat, Securities and related Laws.
ZCN Zoid Ltd through its innovative blockchain solution has the aim to solve data security and payment efficiency problems currently existing in the marketing industry, while at the same time, tackles inefficiencies in advertising through a reward-based communication model. 

The appropriate legal documentation which has been drafted, such as the Privacy Policy, Token Sale Terms and Conditions, Risk Factors, Cookie Policy and Terms of Use of Website, addresses the legal challenges of the project.

Kinanis LLC, has been providing its Blockchain / ICO Consulting Services on a number of innovative blockchain projects and guides its clients to ensure legal compliance.

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