Blockchain Consulting

We always aim to be one step ahead.

As a business-oriented firm we have identified the need of the business world to use Blockchain technology and we have invested towards this direction by establishing an expert team of professionals to cover all Legal/ Tax/ VAT/ Accounting and Regulatory aspects of Blockchain technology, ICOs, STOs and other related topics. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Security Token Offerings (STOs) have become an increasingly popular fundraising method for startups and mature companies as well. Our team specialises in:

  • Blockchain Consulting
  • Legal review and advice on the ICO/STO corporate structure to be used
  • Tax review and advice on the ICO/STO structure; Tax Rulings
  • Vat review and advice on the ICO/STO structure; Vat Rulings
  • Review and consultation on the Whitepaper to confirm legal compliance
  • Classification of Tokens to be issued
  • Drafting of all legal ICO/STO related documentation
  • Advice on AML and KYC issues
  • Advice on GDPR issues