Our VAT Partner & Chairwoman at Cyprus VAT Association (CYVA), Demetra Constantinou participates at CYVA VAT Forum

Our VAT Partner at KINANIS LLC & Chairwoman at Cyprus VAT Association (CYVA), Demetra Constantinou, has welcomed the 1st CYVA VAT Forum, held on 1 November 2022 at Hilton Nicosia with great success, hosting among others the #nonfungibletokens - #NFTs #Digitisation and #Tax for All - TFA platform.
The Forum was enriched with the contribution of Demetra Constantinou in presenting the VAT treatment of #NFTs, holding a panel discussion with bespoke speakers as to the VAT and the technology giving emphasis to the digitisation of the VAT compliace and the TFA platform introduced by the Cyprus Tax Department.