DAC7 Data submission

The Cyprus Tax Department has issued an announcement informing all Reporting Platform Operators and their representatives that the data submission under the Administrative Cooperation in the Field of Taxation (Amended) Law of 2023 (N.105(I)/2023) for the year 2023 has started. This process will be performed through the DAC7 Government Gateway Portal using XML type files.

The submission process requires the following steps:

  • Register with the Government Gateway Portal CY Login (https://cge.cyprus.gov.cy/cyloginregistration/register) following the relevant procedures the portal is governed by (if you are already registered with the Governmental Gateway Portal Cy Login you don’t need to register again).
  • Register to the DAC7 e-service using the DAC7 Portal (https://taxdac.mof.gov.cy) by clicking on the “Platform Operator Registration” button or the ‘Representative Registration’ button.
  • File submission through the option ‘Submit XML Files’.

With the submission of every XML file a validation check will be performed (against the XSD files) and the user will be informed immediately. Additional checks will be performed regarding the content of each file, at a later stage, with the user to be informed through the email address stated during the DAC7 e-service registration.

A list of the submitted files along with their status is available through the ‘XML Submissions’ option.

Please note that, according to DAC7, the data submission also includes the reportable sellers that are Cyprus tax residents.

Our office can provide our clients support on all DAC7 compliance related matters.



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